Coffee Never Tasted So Good

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Coffee starts with its functional properties then moves onto a unique pastime.  Starting with beans, to the roast and the art of brewing; welcome to French Press Memos where we take you through the entire process. 

A new year, a new approach to great tasting, delicious coffee...yum.

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various types of brewing devices


While the French Press is a beloved method of coffee brewing in France, its birthplace was actually Italy in 1929. Since its invention, the French Press has spread in popularity and is now a favorite brewing method for many coffee drinkers across the world. Read on to learn all you need to know before brewing your first cup of rich and flavorful French Press coffee.

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Most Popular French Presses

various types of brewing devices

The biggest choice you have to make regarding a French Press is whether to select a glass or stainless steel model. Glass is traditional, but is susceptible to shattering if you accidentally drop the unit on the floor. Glass also doesn’t have very good heat retention, so your coffee may get cold before you’ve gotten to the last drop. We've tested and rated our favorite French Presses to help you decide which fits your style.