Kitchen Design Work Zones

By | January 22, 2022

Kitchen Design Work Zones. An evolution of the work triangle, work zones still consider the triangle tasks of cooking (cooktop), cleaning (sink) and storage (refrigerator) but go beyond appliance position to create efficient and functional centers for all. A work zone contains everything you use to perform each task.

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Storing food, prep, cooking, baking, serving, eating, cleaning, making coffee, chilling wine etc. However, as today’s kitchens continue to grow in size and open up into connecting rooms it’s only natural for the work triangle to evolve into separate functioning work zones/areas. The area used to store most of your food.

There’s The Place You Chop The Vegetables, The Place You Reheat Leftovers, The Place You Put Away Dishes, And So Much More.

Zones in a kitchen are the separate work sites within a layout, each intended for a different task or activity. While you can have the legs of. The working triangle is the most popular design principle when it comes to kitchen layouts.

Every Kitchen Performs Dozens Of Small Tasks:

Because of these changes, many experts now champion the idea of a sort of evolved kitchen triangle, going from three distinct work areas to creating work “zones” within the kitchen that are. By organizing your kitchen design into zones, you’ll be able to move the flow of traffic and make it easy to focus on the task at hand. In this way, unnecessary collision, tension, and chaos in the kitchen has been avoided.

Storing Food, Prep, Cooking, Baking, Serving, Eating, Cleaning, Making Coffee, Chilling Wine Etc.

Each employee working in his zone. Instead of focusing on the distance between appliances, the zone theory asks us to divide up the kitchen layout by function, and each of these functional zones has everything you need for that series of tasks. The basic work zones to think about in your kitchen are as follows:

No Side Of The Triangle Should Cut Through An.

The work triangle concept has substantial application in the design and layout of a kitchen. You also need to consider what we call the “working triangle” or the “kitchen triangle”, a tool used since the 20th century to design kitchens. A work zone contains everything you use to perform each task.

Each Leg Should Measure Between 4 And 9 Feet.

A work zone contains everything you use to perform each task. Zone for food cleaning, cutting, baking, frying, cooking and others. This may actually be split into two zones: