T Shirt Design Guidelines

By | November 1, 2021

T Shirt Design Guidelines. This is due in large part to the inherent limitations of the screen printing process. We decided to create this handy guide to help you figure out how to size and place your designs.

T Shirt Design Placement Template
T Shirt Design Placement Template from bbeautydsign.blogspot.com

I decided to match the size difference in shirts by changing the size of the design for each shirt size. Adhering to recommended guidelines in terms of sizing and placement will ensure your branded apparel looks professional and leaves a lasting impression. Design must be wholly original.

12 Inches X 16 Inches Oversized:

Design may not exceed 11” wide by 12” high. Tips centered design placement • adult: Don't rush the design process.

This Is Due In Large Part To The Inherent Limitations Of The Screen Printing Process.

Maximum size of the print area: Depends on the product you choose (e.g. For example, if you order a rectangular standard adult size design, it may reach 11 maximum in width, but only be 5.5 in height due to the shape of the design.

When You Design A Shirt, Add Elements That Relate To Your Personality.

Gradients and transparencies cannot be incorporated. Get a one page guide with all of the helpful image sizes. If needed, you can add your graphics or images too.

Our Designs Are Proportional Based On Width.

Take some time to explore your concept. The maximum print size can be 40 inches wide by 30 inches tall, which will span the entire length and. This electric zombie tee by derek deal has a lot of colour and loads of detail.

Adhering To Recommended Guidelines In Terms Of Sizing And Placement Will Ensure Your Branded Apparel Looks Professional And Leaves A Lasting Impression.

We decided to create this handy guide to help you figure out how to size and place your designs. Having the extra bulge from the collar seams can result in uneven pressure. The same size custom t shirt design is printed on all of the shirts with all over printing.