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Nitrogen Purge Storage Cabinet

N2 Purge Dry Cabinet BBF Technologies N2 Purge Dry Cabinets BBF Technologies manufactures N2 Purge Dry Cabinets for hi-purity storage. Sliding perforated shelves for easy access. Semiconductor Wafer Box Storage Desiccators Terra Universal The air-tight door requires no lubrication and includes two valves for nitrogen inputbleed. Nitrogen Purge Storage Cabinet. 75 O2 Monitor. One set… Read More »

Dry Nitrogen Storage Cabinets

The dry air can be nitrogen CO2 or inert gas. Cabinet are designed to store 200 mm or 300 mm wafers in most standard cassettes and lot boxes. Nitroplex Adjust A Shelf Desiccator Cabinets Shelves A Shelf Cabinet We also carry a more cost effective line of Storage Cabinets. Dry Nitrogen Storage Cabinets. Storage Baking… Read More »

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Cabinet

Handling and storage of liquid nitrogen. Handling and storage of liquid nitrogen. Cryosystem 750 Cryogenic Sample Storage 750 X 2 0ml Vials Labrepco Llc A liquid nitrogen dewar should have the shape capacity and material construction to store your sample. Liquid Nitrogen Storage Cabinet. Another new safety-related requirement is about restricting access to the laboratory.… Read More »